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Mannis | Gilmer, Hallsville, Longview Family Photography

I look forward to this session every year.  I've been photographing this little guy since he was barely crawling.  It's what I love most about my amazing job - getting to see little lives grow.  It's truly a blessing.   And don't you love the Christmas card we designed together?

If you need to book your family session (or any session) email me at loriiveyphotography@gmail.com for more information.

Session storyboards are one of my clients favorite products.  The most popular size is either a 10x10 which looks wonderful on an easel, or the 20x20 framed on a wall.  Storyboards "tell the story" of your session.

Update Studio Tour Part 1 | Studio Tour

It's been a couple of years since I did a studio tour.  Honestly, those posts are the most popular posts on my blog site with almost 5,000 page views.  And it doesn't surprise me.  People  love  behind the scenes looks (including me).  I'm always happy to share information with fellow photographers!

Part 1 of this series is about my client area.  Converting our garage to a studio was the  best business decision I have made.  My clients have a warm and welcoming place to visit when they are ready to place their order.  I enjoy helping them decide what will work best in their home and my sales sessions are NEVER pushy or full of pressure.  One of the reasons I ask that potential clients view all of my pricing before they ever book a session is because I believe 100% in complete transparency.  Have you ever hired a photographer only later to realize that their products were way out of your budget?  That's just a yucky feeling for everyone all around and I knew when I opened my business that I would be doing things differently.

OK - down to the nitty-gritty.  I have a client seating area with a couch and two chairs.  One thing I will point out to photographers who are planning a studio space, if you have unlimited square footage - awesome!  But  most of us do not and I highly recommend making everything dual purposed.  All of my seating choices were made knowing I would be able to use them in photo shoots as well.  Even my side table is made of suitcases I can easily grab and incorporate in a child's session.

You can't see it in the image below, but in the corner of the room is a large mounted flat TV where we can view images from the session.  I use Lightroom and am able to duplicate my monitor over to the TV for clients.
 I try to keep things as clutter free as possible.  I believe samples are extremely important.  Clients often don't know the difference between styrene mounted wall portraits, canvases and other products you might offer.  When they can see and touch these products it is much easier for them to decide what is best for their home.
 This is the view from my hallway.  My clients have their own entrance into the studio.  Through the hallway is the bathroom and is also where I display products of my own family.  Clients love to see how they can incorporate their images into their own spaces.  Because I know I'll be asked, the mural behind my desk and the large image behind my couch is a wall cling from Pro DPI.  I love them!  The one behind my desk is over 2 years old and has held up beautifully.
Also, all of these images were lighted with a studio strobe.  The next portion of my studio tour will cover my shooting space and what I like to shoot with, but you can see a preview here.  I'm sure there is a prettier way to take an image of a huge light source, but I'm not sure what that is :)  And you can see my newborn gear is still out from a session.  Stay tuned for more info on all of that.

Madisson | Tyler, Longview, Senior Photography

Essential oils.  Do you use them?  I don't mean to get all crunchy granola on you here but I'm kinda fascinated with them and all of the benefits they seem to have.  I'm planning on making this peppermint eucalyptus vapor rub this weekend:  DIY Natural Vapor Rub

If you use essential oils, what are your favorites and how do you use them?  I really like the idea of a room vaporizer.  I'm such an aroma person and think smells do A LOT to set our moods and frames of mind.

OK - enough of the crazy talk.  Let's look at these images of a beautiful John Tyler senior.  Madisson was a lot of fun to work with!