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Personal * Things I LOVE Right Now.....

Only a few times a year do we find ourselves making our way southward.  And if we get anywhere near (as in 30 minute range) of a Collin Street Bakery (yes there are more than 1!)  my husband knows we are pulling over!

Collin Street Bakery is an icon in Texas.  Famous for their fruitcakes and in business since 1896 (that's a long time folks), these people know what they are doing.  And my absolute favorite treat is their Pecan Brittle.  I can't really explain what is so wonderful about this particular brittle - but they just get it right!

I don't even want to know what the calories are in a serving.  Last month when we passed through I got myself a box.  And I will admit up front that my husband didn't know quite the extent to which I loved my brittle.  He had no idea each time he casually rummaged through the box for a choice piece of brittle and nonchalantly popped it in his mouth that his wife was sweating bullets.  I know.  It's embarrassing to admit the level of my greed when it comes to brittle.  But like I tell my kids - if you aren't proud of something - say it out loud.  Go ahead - confess.  Embarrassed?  Yeah - that's good.  So maybe you will stop.  :)

I like to hoard my brittle - making a box last for 2 weeks.  Savoring each piece I reward myself with.  When, what to my wondering eyes should appear.....

Shut the door!  Actually - there was also an empty Coke Zero can next to the remote.....yes - I actually recreated the scene of the crime for this post - I'm THAT nerdy.  I couldn't believe it though!  The box was still half full when I last saw it!  And there he sat - the criminal - looking as cozy and happy as a fat cat in the sun....crumbs on his shirt.  

He had no idea what he had done "What?  I just had a little snack."  Poor guy - he didn't know what hit him.   Thankfully next week, a friend from my running group casually mentioned on a jog that she was going to the Baylor game that weekend.  My antennae went up.  Trying to sound casual "oh yeah - that sounds fun.  Will you guys b e going through Corsicana?"  The rest is history.  Thanks Jennifer!


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