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Desktop Storyboard - A Give Away!

One thing that I am passionate about that goes hand in hand with photography is design - the graphic kind.  Cards, templates, books - I love creating special places for special images.  I wanted to share something I did this week.  It's a custom desktop storyboard.  Now every time I'm at work, I see some of the things I love most at a glance - my family, friends, special objects, chickadees, a monogram - the possibilities are endless.

There is even a designated space on the left for my icons (I like to keep my desktop clean - but the space could be larger for those of you that love your shortcuts).

So - I would like to give one of these cutie patooties away.  I hate to limit this to only past customers of Lori Ivey Photography, but I'm not sure how to do it unless I have images to work with.  I will custom design your storyboard using your very own images from a past shoot.  The image will be resized for use as your desktop background.  How cool is that!

So here are the rules:

1.  Leave a comment here by Sunday 8:00 PM.
2. I will have one of the kids pick a random comment as the winner and post the winner on Monday.
3.  Well, there isn't a 3 - but that's easy enough right?

AND - if you're a photographer or designer and would like the PSD file - post a comment as well if you like, AND send me an e-mail with your request (loriiveyphotography@gmail.com) - just be sure to note your photog/design status and I'll e-mail it to you for free to use as you like!  (BTW- it's a quick and dirty file - nothing fancy - but easy to use).

Much love to you all!


Debra Heschl's Photography said...

This so cute, I would love this!!! I saw your post on Clickin' Moms:) Nice layout:)

Lori said...

Thanks - I've sent you the PSD - let me know if you don't get it.

Sherry W said...

I love your desktop storyboard! You are very talented! The blog is great reading! ;-)

Karen M said...

I want to win the desktop storyboard. You know how I love to look at my people....pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me
Plus, I read your blog all the time. AND you are so pretty and talented and the best photographer ever. Oh, and your kids are oh so cute and adorable....

Debra Heschl's Photography said...

Hey Lori, I didn't get the PSD file:( I will send you an email!!! Thank you:)

Lori said...

Hey Debra! I'm sorry - it looks loike my e-mail is down. As soon as it's up again I'll forward again. Thanks!

Brandy - Purple Pear Photography said...

Hi Lori - This is GREAT! I'd love to get the PSD file! I'll send you an email!

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