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I just wanted to share some of the images the fantastic Kendra Payne of Kendra Michelle Photography took of me and my sweetie.  This was a mini session - an event really - that benefited Communities in Schools.  The set was amazing - she worked her little bum off!

We had so much fun.  You can check out more of Kendra's work here:

 Me and my loves.....

In other exciting news I'm all aflutter about some possible opportunities to work with Kendra very soon.  As a natural light photographer I have always shied away from weddings.  I've been DYING to shoot some weddings - but I just didn't feel comfortable knowing I couldn't control the lighting (think - old dark cathedrals and churches - while beautiful they are usually well.... DARK!)  But I've been doing my homework - yep - studying the pros - how they get amazing images using natural light - and maybe - just maybe - I might start looking into other unnatural light sources - we'll see....

But all that is to say - Kendra has some great weddings coming up and I'm going to tag along and second shoot.  I'm BEYOND excited - and I can't wait for the experience.  So those of you out there planning a wedding - give me a call!  I love everything about them - the engagement shoots (funnest thing ever!), the decorations, the dramatic bridal portraits - you could say I'm in love with LOVE.

Having just been through the experience myself (I can't believe it's almost been a year) - I enjoyed every aspect of my wedding.  I made my own invitations, book marks, menus, signature board and spent hours making floating paper poms.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love birds, nests, eggs, etc.  It was our theme.

One of our wedding favors were these bookmarks I made (we both LOVE to read) and on the back I included phrases, places and things that held special meaning for us.

 Our wedding was very fun - and informal.  It was perfect for our big brady bunch family.
 This was printed on 11x14 board - had a very canvas feel and served as our guest registry.  It's home is now on a table in our entryway.  I'm so glad I did this - I love seeing it every day.

 One of my longest running friendships is with this guy - Brian Armas - since 6th grade.  Since he said my feet were small (I had a complex about my small feet).  We were HONORED to have him and his wife Kara capture our wedding for us.  See more of their amazing work here:

Happy Tuesday all!


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