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Finding The Light

We found it!!!  Often times when a client suggests a new location I feel like a kid in a fresh new candy store!  However - I ALWAYS get there at least 20 minutes early to find the light.  When I first started out in photography it was such a difficult process.  Now ~ I feel like a blood hound with nose to the ground.  My clients will often look at me strange as I walk to and from - looking at the sky - back at my camera - turning in circles.  But it finally pays off - I promise!

By the way - Rusty took these images.  He is usually the one I say "stand there - no - to the left."  But every now and then he gets tired of my commands and he insists we switch places.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when my clients have ideas of things to try while we are out on a shoot - but the one thing I adamantly insist having complete control over is light.  Yes - those tulips are very pretty but if you don't want to look flat and twenty years older than you really are I suggest we go over THERE.  Yes - over there where it is very boring - nothing but a few trees and an old pasture.  Trust me please!


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