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Things I Love Right Now

1.  Instagr.am

A fun little app for your iPhone that makes photo sharing fun.  You just open the app, select an image from your phone's library, apply one of several cool little filters and share.  Easy Peasy.

2.  My new shoes.  Steve Madden - see above.  FYI - I'm not rocking a weird tan line - that's a shadow.  And that pedicure - got it during Spring Break - TWO MONTHS AGO FOLKS!  Heck yeah!

3.  My new branding.  I'm in LOVE with it!  I've been meaning to work on my web sites, logos, etc. for a while now but I kept putting it off because I couldn't find the PERFECT identity to represent Lori Ivey Photography.  Anyone who knows me knows I love all things birds.  Eggs, nests, bird cages - they were at my wedding and are in my home.  I knew that I also love modern + vintage and wanted that to be present as well.  Seems like a contradiction right?  Nope.  It's not - and I'm pretty sure my clients love the vintage + whimsy with a touch of romance that shows up in their images as well.  What do you think?

4.  The Beach.  As in we are going there.  Soon.  And I can't wait.  I can't wait to dig in the sand with my toes, chase crabs with flashlights with the kiddos at night, fall asleep to the sound of waves.  

5.  Smart AND Funny women who are successful because they are.....well....SMART.  Novel idea huh?  Not because they are beautiful.  Because they have a BRAIN.  I'm reading Tina Fey's new autobiography and it's made me literally laugh out loud several times.  I will warn you - it's a little vulgar in some parts.  Funny - YES.

6.  Mother's Day.  It's upon us and I shall have yummy food and a pedicure - I cannot wait.  I love you mommy!  (She was my first blog subscriber too - SHOCKING, I know).

7.  The idea of a perfect day.  I'm working my way through this crazy good business book.  If you are a photographer - ask me later what this is.  It will transform your life.  NO LIE.  But it asks you to write out your perfect day.  What do you do?  What does it feel like?  And then it asks you what is stopping you from having your perfect day.  Granted - you may not be able to have all of these things every day.  But why can't you have several of these things throughout the week?  If part of your perfect day (like mine) is meeting girlfriends for breakfast, or browsing through a book store for an hour, or sitting and having a coffee at Starbucks...there is absolutely no reason why you can't do those things.  REGULARLY.  Of course My perfect day also includes sleeping in, going shopping where everything is on sale and fits as well as a clean house AND board games with the kids (as in the house is clean WHILE WE ARE PLAYING BOARD GAMES).  Those of you out there who don't have kids yet have no idea how utterly impossible this is to achieve.  Once you have kids it's one or the other - not both.  No I can't do this everyday - but I can do it A LOT.  

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


kendra michelle said...

{LOVE LOVE LOVE the branding - totally you!}

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