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Things I Love Right Now

I so love these posts.  Not because I think millions of people are dying to find out "what exactly DOES Lori Ivey love right now..." no - I'm not that delusional.  I love it because I get to play and dream.  I get to scour the Internet and say "Look - look right here!  Who wants to join me in admiring the awesomeness???"

1.  Pinterest.  Beware.  This can and will suck hours out of what was once a profitable day....At first I didn't really get it - and what's with the whole "request an invite" thing - it's like a super secret stuck up club....until your IN it!!!!

2.  Embarrassing my kids.  They are finally old enough.  When they were younger - it was just a mean woman being mean to a sweet little angel.  Not now.  Now it's just plain funny.  And it's payback.  Payback for sleepless nights, shredding your poopy diaper at 2:00 am when you were bored in your crib, tooting at the Doctor's office and everyone thought it was me, Legos lodged between toes, having eternal rights to the last brownie - because I'm the mom and supposed to be selfless....oh yeah.

3.  Studio Dreaming.  I've been dreaming for a while now.  Fashioning a plan - letting it take shape.  Searching the internet for inspiration (thank you Pinterest).  I LOVE natural light photography and will always be a natural light photographer.  But I want a space.  My very own.  A place to work.  A place to host clients and show off the yummy products I offer.  Not to mention newborns.  I love everything about newborn photography but turn down sessions left and right because....well - newborns and the great outdoors just don't mix.  So my dusty cob-webby wheels have been turning.....we'll see what's in store this coming year....

4.  Cute packaging....  I simply love my CD packaging.  Everyone of my digital collections comes with a custom designed CD case with images from your session... How cute is this guy?

And don't forget....every client who spends $500 or more gets one of these lovelies....  Dry Erase Board


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