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Fireman's Insurance Fund Benefit

I was contacted by Fireman's Fund Insurance Company last week because they needed a photographer to document an award ceremony for a local volunteer fire department.  With the recent fires here in Texas I was thrilled to get to be a part.  I, like many others, am very grateful for the sacrifice our firemen and women make every day to keep our families safe.  With the money received, the department was able to buy some much needed turn out gear.  (I learned that is those chunky suits they wear.  I also learned they are nice and toasty when having to be worn for a photo shoot!).  The guys were so nice to put the gear on for pictures.  The entire department was very thoughtful and polite - not to mention fun!


Kristin Nelder said...

Beautiful images Lori! We are all so appreciative of the Texas Firefighters for their heroic efforts this summer. You really captured the heart of our Supporting Firefighters grant program. Thank you! - Kristin Nelder, Fireman's Fund Insurance Company

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