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The Prime Workshop!

First of all, you may not know, but Meg Borders and Sarah Lane are two of my all time favorite photographers.  Their work is divine!  Well they have teamed up to create The Prime Workshop.  It's a workshop for photographers with an emphasis on all things seniors - YUMMY!  It will be hosted in Las Vegas during WPPI.  For me, it would be a dream to attend!

WELL - Wednesday evening I was editing and enjoying a little blog reading when I came across an announcement.  Meg and Sarah were going to be giving away a seat to the workshop!  All you have to do is submit a video on your blog explaining why you should attend.  Easy right?  Yes - and no.  With a packed shooting schedule this week I had no time to create an amazing video.  So what you see below - is an un-amazing video!  None the less it communicates what I wanted to say, shows my personality, and completely makes me look like a moron.  But Sarah and Meg......SO WORTH IT!

Disclaimer:  Please do not judge.  I AM a professional and a grown up (scouts honor).

Well my hard work and ability to embaress myself in public actually paid off.  I'M GOING TO VEGAS BABY!


Anonymous said...

OMG that is greatness! You have dance moves only rivaled by those of your husband!! So great. I hope you win! John

Donna said...

OH LORI! how very brave and bold you are!! i am so proud to be your friend:) Congratulations on your win (and your video skills!!!)

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