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Foggy Fall Family Photos!

Foggy Fall Family Photos - say THAT 3 times fast!  I'm not going to lie - when I first pulled up to one of my favorite photo locations and saw that THICK fog I was a little worried.  I usually arrive to a shoot 15-20 minutes early to scout out my spots and create a plan for our shoot together.  I've learned being completely prepared ahead of time really helps me focus on setting the family at ease - instead of worrying about the next pose or lighting situation.  

Thankfully - the fog began to lift - and I think it looks incredible!  Not to mention this beautiful family - how could you mess this shoot up!?  You can't.  

Sweet K Family - thank you for letting me spend some time with you this past Fall.

On that note - I'm about 23 sessions behind on blogging and hope to being catching up soon.


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