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White Family | Longview, TX Newborn Photography

Well it is Friday and I'm really looking forward to my weekend.  There is absolutely nothing on my calendar (other than a girls-night-out dinner at my favorite vineyard tonight).  I plan on getting some things in order around the house, planning and cooking some relaxing meals with my family, and catching up on a little editing.

Most of you know about a year ago I made the decision to stop shooting on the weekends.  I was really scared to implement this schedule and was worried I would lose clients.  However, working all week and shooting every weekend was just an unacceptable way for me to live.  It did not put my family first and I was just a very worn out and uninspired photographer.  Now I shoot 2-3 evenings during the week and  my weekends are free to spend with my family.  Of course, I still do some editing and office work in the studio on my weekends - but I'm fully present and am able to recharge over the weekend.  I have found this has made a huge impact on my work and ability to serve my clients in the standard I expect from my business.

I do make an exception for out-of-town clients and newborns, but for the most part if we have a session together it will be during the week.  I want to express how very thankful I am to my clients.  They are the ones that make this schedule possible and I (and my family) appreciate you more than you know!

Let's kick off this weekend with a little newborn goodness.  And I also need to thank Rhonda who assists me on most of my newborn shoots.  (And you might see her at other shoots as well).  She's such a help and I can't believe I used to do this alone! I got spoiled fast!

Newborn sessions take place in my home studio.  I have all the props and blankets we need right there.  Newborns run the show and these sessions generally last 2-3 hours.  It can take over an hour just getting baby into that deep, newborn sleep nescessary for these posed images.  Also, newborn sessions need to be scheduled in the first 10 days of life.  So if you're interested in scheduling a session, be sure to contact me well before your due date!  While every photographer has their own style, I strive to keep things soft, natural, fresh, and bright with my newborns. But what I love most - the snuggles!

 Aren't their birth announcements just adorable??


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