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Digital Welcome Packet

I have found in this digital age that it has become harder and harder to find the time to communicate everything I would like to my clients.  Between playing phone tag, e-mails and Facebook posts I found it difficult to get all the information to them that I felt they wanted or needed.  Well - here's my answer (hopefully).  It's my new digital Welcome Packet - and it was so much fun to design!  The best part - you get to "flip" the pages!  Turn those speakers up baby!  It's like reading a real book!  Enjoy!

Click to launch the full edition in a new window
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Jeannette said...

Excellent work!

CM :-)

Mindy said...

Fantastic job - way to go!

Valerie said...

cool, thanks for the idea!

Krooked Smiles said...

Great work! Looks Awesome! You have inspired Me!

Angela Oxenrider said...

Sorry for the possible obvious question, but this is new to me. Is this done through YUDO? This is totally jaw dropping cool! You're totally inspiring.
Friend from CM!

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