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Personal * Things I LOVE Right Now....

Ok - I know since I'm a natural light photographer I shouldn't love the rain so much.  But I do.  I've had to cancel every session this week because of this crazy weather - but don't you just want to build a fire and snuggle with your kiddos?  I sure do!  This post is just a random list (or pics, rather) of things I love right now.  It's one of the things I love most about photography - capturing images of things that make me go "SWEET!"

To start our little list off I have to go with one of our favorite date night spots.  If you've never been to The Lil Thai House in downtown Longview you are really missing out.  The food is EXCEPTIONAL.  I found out about this little place about a year ago and hadn't really even tried Thai food before.  I had no idea what I had been missing all my life.  YUM-O. 

These are their Shrimp Spring Rolls.  One thing you have to know about Lil Thai House is that they are not fast.  And they aren't fancy.  It's a tiny shoebox of a place that is consistently crowded.  And I have to tell you that I'm just in love with the owner.  I've never met her - but she is this young, hip, energetic, funky, cool lady that I just know I would like.  And man she works her rear off.  Watching her and the 3 other cooks do their thing in that tiny kitchen is one of the things that make Lil Thai House so fun.

Chicken Pad Thai - you just can't go wrong.  CAN NOT.

This guy is always super friendly.  I tried to take a picture of his shoes - one red Converse - one black.  But at some point I start to feel a little.....creepy with my camera....you know....  If you've ever shot a session with me then you probably know I have a foot fetish.  Not a weird foot fetish.  I just like to take pictures of people's feet...and shoes...ok that is weird.

But it segues nicely to the next item on our little list - rain boots!  I'm loving me some rain boots!  And I don't just wear them in the rain.  Oh no.  Once again - if you've shot a session with me recently, then chances are I showed up in rain boots.  And yes, I know it was a balmy 80 degrees, but they are just PERFECT for shooting in.  I'm usually trekking through barns and overgrown fields.  And I got tired of muddy, ant bitten feet.  Problem solved.  Rain boots!

What's funny is when I bought these my husband made quite a bit of fun of me.  And of course when I explained they were hounds tooth rain boots the jesting did not decrease.  Now every time I dawn them I get to hear "release the hounds" in the most horrible British accent you've ever heard.  And if you had to google the word hounds tooth - that's ok. 

Next on our list: Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Heaven in a little cute cup.  It just is.  When Starbuck's rolls out their Pumpkin Spice it's time for Fall baby!

And the fact that this particular Starbuck's is in Target only makes it better.  LOVE Target. 

In Target, in Starbuck's shooting the rain, drinking my Pumpkin Spice in my rain boots......big comfy sigh!


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