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Wedding ~ Kendra Michelle

One of the things I absolutely love most about being a photographer are all the warm, wonderful, crazy, artsy and inspiring people you get to meet and work with!  Kendra Michelle fits this bill completely!  I got to work with her this past month second shooting at one of her weddings - see the stunning bridal session here.

For this wedding, which took place in Dallas, Kendra and I drove up the evening before to scope out the ceremony site, and basically feast ourselves silly at Uncle Julios's, a restaurant that Kendra introduced me to - DIVINE - and DUH - I know exactly why I love this girl so much!!  And for those brides of mine who have opted for a second shooter I promise you won't regret it - Kendra shoots for me too when she isn't booked with her own weddings!  You can check out her version of our trip here.

Below are some of my favorite images from the wedding.  It was beautiful - and the bride and groom were just stunning.



kendra michelle said...

{these are amazing Lori - you have an amazing talent and I am SUPER blessed to work with you! WHOOP! WHOOP! For Uncle Julios and awesome dallas wedding!}

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