OOPS - this is my OLD blog. Now, don't get me wrong, I like older things, but to stay up to date you'll need to click over to the NEW blog here: www.loriivey.com

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What's on My iPhone Now

I love my iPhone very much.  That being said - I've never been 100% happy with the wallpaper backgrounds.  So - I created my own.  Feel free to use them if you like.  Just click on the image - save it to your computer - email it to your phone!  They are already sized just for the iPhone.

When I'm nostalgic or need encouragement:

When I'm crying and throwing a pity party because I feel like a house slave:

When I want to run away to the great city of Paris:

Oh wait - wrong Paris - let's try that again....


Please note: I do not encourage Paris Hilton or Paris Hilton like behavior on this blog.  All references to said heiress are meant to be fun and a bit sarcastic in nature - so please do not  picket or protest my little blog.


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