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Family Sneak Peek ~ East Texas

The last two weeks could be described as a whirlwind.  A trip to California right before the start of school, not to mention weddings, family shoots and studio renovations, it's been exciting, exhausting and so much fun!  On a personal note, I've experienced personal highs as well as loss and sadness as our family said goodbye to a special member we all love dearly.  Saying goodbye to a father while saying hello to new life, seeing a couple's earthly story end temporarily in death while celebrating and documenting new love has made this photographer a bit emotional.  And emotional is OK.  Embracing emotions can make an artist's work more organic and genuine ~ and while that may be true, it certainly has made me appreciate what I get to do ~ document and celebrate life.  It's so precious.

With that being said ~ this family was fun and sweet.  They live on a real live ranch, and for a few moments I got to glimpse what their life is like.  I saw two children who are loved by Mom and Dad and family.  A place where they will get to grow up and breathe ~ space to play and run.


kendra michelle said...

{the light in these images is so dreamy - great job at capturing the little ones, so stinking cute!}

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