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Personal * San Fran Baby

Words don't do this trip justice.  Rusty and I went to California this month partly for work and partly for fun.  The first couple of days I got to work along side Megan Squires shooting newborns and wee ones in her fabulous natural light studio.  My time with her was AH-MA-ZING and I can't wait to edit all of the images from those sessions.  And seriously - I feel like a criminal calling this part of the trip "work."  Megan was superbly fantastic - I felt like Anne of Green Gables and Diana Berry - "kindred spirits" right away.  But I plan to blog more about that later when I can devote the time to it that it deserves!

After my time with Megan was up - we drove Friday afternoon into San Francisco - about 2 hours away.  We stayed in a fabulous little hotel right in Union Square - The Handlery.  The weather was amazing with a high of only 62 degrees.  I was excited to bust out my Fall Wardrobe.  (Yes I just treated my Fall Wardrobe like a proper now ON PURPOSE - simmer down grammar nazis!)

The city had such a wonderful atmosphere.  I even enjoyed all the freaks on the street.  The old man who followed me for two blocks singing me a song?  Loved him.  Yes I know he stank of liquor...and other things. But these people are PEOPLE.  They were once babies and have walked thousands of miles down roads I've never seen.  I hope I always love people.

 We drove into the city with a list - a long list of things we wanted to do in the little time that we had.  On the top of the that list - Chinese food.  GOOD Chinese food.  Armed with a recommendation from friends (thank you Miners!) we headed into the heart of China Town for the House of Nanking.  And did they deliver.  So yummy!

I couldn't decide which one I loved best.  The top one is my new desktop wall paper.  (I have a huge crush on my husband in case you didn't know.)
 It was cold.  And I was NOT complaining.

Everywhere we went I decided - THIS is where we are going to move - this house right here.  Wait no - THAT's our future home - that cottage there.  Rusty lets me play house and even feeds my fire by making cute suggestions like "if we lived in THIS one we would be even closer to the bike trails...."
 The next day we headed to Fisherman's Wharf.
Sourdough bread....

A ferry boat ride to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz....

We decided to rent a couple bikes to explore the city.  Best. Decision. Ever.  We rocked those bikes all over the place and returned tired with sunburned hands.  It's the best way to see the city in my opinion.  Planning our route was almost as fun as the trip itself.  I love maps - especially when planning an "adventure."  I also love calling things an "adventure."  Dropping the girls off at dance and then swinging through McD's for a dollar drink?  An adventure - duh.

Riding across the Golden Gate Bridge was an amazing experience.  It's such a vast structure.  Made me feel so tiny - in a wonderful way.  After we crossed the bridged we kept going all the way to Sausalito for a late lunch and that's where we finally found our "for real" future home.  You can't actually see it here - it's covered by clouds....
Lombard Street.  We actually rode our bikes DOWN it.  The cop conducting traffic got quite a kick out of two loonies doing Lombard on a bike.  He said "go on down - hope you have good brakes" and laughed.  I think he secretly hoped we would crash for his afternoon entertainment.  But alas - we did not.  We smoked Lombard!

We did so much more - eventually I had to leave my camera behind and just EXPERIENCE the trip.  Wonderful memories.


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