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San Francisco ~ Part II ~ Mentor Me Baby

Rusty and I had a wonderful time in San Francisco.  You can read all about it HERE.  But two days before we drove into the city I got to work along side MEGAN SQUIRES in her natural light studio and it was amazing.  My own studio is only weeks away from it's grand opening and when I finally decided to take the plunge into studio - I knew exactly who I wanted to train with - Megan.  She has an awesome gift with newborns and I have admired her clean, beautiful and classic style for a while now.  When she began offering one-on-one mentor-ships this summer I knew I was going to make it happen!

Below are some of the images I took during our two days together.  If you're a photographer wanting to specialize in newborn photography I just cannot say enough about Megan.  The girl has got it going on!  Not to mention she is an awesome person to hang with and get to know!  I count her as a friend!

We flew into Sacramento on Wednesday and that evening I was only a little nervous about meeting Megan the next morning.  I had an awesome feeling from our correspondence that we would get a long great - but you never know - right?  Her studio is nestled in a quaint down town area - only a couple blocks from our hotel.  The weather was wonderful and her studio was superb.  So thoughtfully put together - whimsical and fun, comfortable - it was just perfect.  You can see images of her studio HERE.

When I walked in I knew right away that we were good to go!  I love it when you immediately feel a connection with someone - like my girl KENDRA (bosom buddies at first....coffee??).  Megan was the same way and we got down to business!  I learned so much - she is a wonderful teacher.  And my goodness - the thought of organizing that many babies, plus the amazing goody bag she put together - it was just absolutely the best vacation / learning experience a photog girl could ask for!

Thank you sweet Megan - you're truly the best!


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