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I have a secret that I've decided I've got to come clean on.....

I've got myself a little case of baby fever.  

Not Beiber Fever - BABY FEVER.  And if any of our kids are reading this right now - don't have a coronary!  Stop sweating bullets.  Even your Dad and I aren't that crazy!  But what's the next best thing?  Getting to snuggle on these little ones that come to the studio.  They smell heavenly.  And don't get me started on those sausage thighs.  It's the only time in your life when cellulite is cute.  No - ADORABLE!

A lot of my girlfriends are having babies this year and I feel almost like what it might be like to be a grandma.  I get to snuggle, play, and buy cute clothes....and then send them home!

Now, to be completely honest, when my husband reads this, he's going to get a good laugh.  Because I've really played down the whole baby fever thing.  Every time he sees me snuggling and playing with these little ones he would NOT describe my sending them off with a cheery wave of my hand.  No, it's more of a pouty, arms crossed, stomping and huffing, "why can't I have one of those babies because you know we would have really cute nerdy babies together" send offs....

The thing is - it's one of those "since I can't have it, I really want it" type of things.  In reality, if every road block were removed I don't think I would be racing to sign up for morning sickness, MORE stretch marks, insurance bills, daycare and the list goes on!  So instead, I like to get my pout on, and then make my baby who is going to HIGH SCHOOL next year come cuddle with me on the couch and watch Bachelorette!  HA!

On to Cute-Overload:

 The following images are a long-standing family tradition.  Same cake stand, same table and even the outfit for several generations.  How cute is that?


Kellie said...

So cute indeed! I love the one of him trying to eat the apple. Oh how I love traditions too.
Your site is great..impressive layout as well.

Lori said...

Thank you so very much for the kind words!

Felicia said...

Absolutely adorable! I love the tradition!

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