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Adams ~ Williams Family | Kilgore, Henderson Family Photography

This session from the Fall was just so much fun for me!  Besides getting to photograph these great looking people, it also meant getting to see faces I had not seen in YEARS.  When my very best friend from childhood contacted me about an extended family session I did a little happy dance.

Their house was my second home.  I even had a cup with my nickname on it: Lori Bigori.  There was always laughter, fun, sleepovers, chips and salsa, soccer practice, fort building, dance choreographing and everything a childhood friendship should have!  When we had to move the summer before 6th grade my heart broke into tiny pieces.

It was so great to see all of these faces - and all these children!  What a beautiful family to be a part of!  Thank you Jaimee for letting me capture these images for you all!


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