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Things I Love

I think it's time for another edition of "Things I Love" around here.  When I find something I really love I just want to buy a dozen and give them away as presents!  And I love hearing from others about their great finds, whether it's a product or service that makes life easier, or just adds a little happiness to your day!

1. Heartworks by Lori ~ custom photo jewelry.  This is without a doubt one of my favorite finds.  I just love the vintage feel to these pieces!  I was specifically searching for a locket large enough to accommodate photos of all of my kiddos. (Can you believe I have 6 kids and step-kids?  No?  Me either.)   I chose the butterfly design, but I just adore the hot air balloon design too!

2.  Chai Tea Latte.  Yumminess in a mug!  It's like the holidays and a warm blanket got married and had a baby.  You can order them at any coffee shop, and I make them all the time with my Keurig machine in the studio! 

3.  Too Faced Eye Shadow.  I can't tell you how many times I have walked into Ulta, looked around like I knew what the heck I was doing, and then walked out overwhelmed and confused!  I just never had that gift that many women have for makeup and hair and products!  Enter Too Faced Eye Shadow kits.  Ladies.  They come with little cards that tell you what to do.  Easy.  I can follow directions - and I don't look like a clown!  I got the kit shown below in Natural Eye.

4.  Skinny Chicken Pad Thai Recipe.  We love chicken pad thai at our house.  One of our favorite restaraunts in Longview - Little Thai House, serves it up right.  But I was wanting an at home option that was also healthy.  Well this is it people!  So good - and good for you! 


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