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Karson | Newborn, Family Photography in Tyler

I've figured out that the crazy factor of my week is directly proportional to how disgusting my vehicle is.  There might be crushed goldfish in the carpet, clothes scattered throughout (as though the car is also our primary residence), and various fast food bags and cups in my car right now.  It's pretty gross.  I'm just putting it out there.  I'm not really a car person, so when things get crazy, the car cleanliness is the first to go.

And this week has just been crazy.  I'm so glad I had the forethought to not schedule any sessions this week.  So, what is it exactly that is turning my world upside down? (OK, I'm being a little dramatic.)  It's cheer try-out week.  AHHH!  I feel completely ridiculous at how nervous I am for Natalee.  She is starting Jr. High next year and this is our first try-out experience.  I feel like puking.  Her?  She's as cool as a cucumber.  So, after Friday I will be able to finally relax and return to the real (normal) adult world.  Whether she makes it or nor, I'm proud of her for trying, and my car will be clean again.

OK - on to the pictures!  How cute is the cuddly little guy?  He was 10 POUNDS when he was born!   Am I the only one that just read that and squeezed my knees together a little?  He was perfect and sweet.  He didn't really care about the whole "go to sleep so I can take your picture" bit, but we ended up with some great images!

I just love this 20x20 storyboard canvas we did combing their maternity and newborn session.  It's going to be so gorgeous in their home!

 And contact me if you are interested in my new Baby Plan!  It's a great savings, includes some beautiful boutique products, and Baby Plan clients get to secure their sessions!


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