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My New Product Guide

I can honestly say I am one of those people who loves just about every part of their business.  I even enjoy the bookkeeping!  (I'm such a nerd).  Honestly, I find business planning, marketing, and goal setting to be very rewarding aspects of my business (Biznass Major in the house - whoop!).  There isn't much that goes out in my newsletter, Facebook page, website or blog that isn't carefully planned and thought out.  And my latest task was a whopper - to get a stream-lined, simple product guide together.

But I'm finally glad I can check that doozy off my list!  I'm proud and confident in the services and products that I offer my clients.  When you book a session with me, while our actual session together may only last 45 minutes, you're actually getting about 10 hours of my time.  From email and phone call exchanges, planning, driving to and from our shoot together, the actual shoot, backing up the RAW files, culling and editing those files, a creation of your custom sideshow, your ordering appointment, and the final development of your products, a lot goes into what I do.  And I love every bit of it.

Spring Break was pretty quiet around the blog, but I've got 6 sessions from the past week I'm very excited to finish up.  Beautiful seniors, sweet families and some adorable babies, I've got a lot to keep me busy!  Not to mention I am still working my way blogging through last Fall's sessions.

AND FINALLY - if you've just read all of that congratulations!  But I have 2 questions for you and I'm curious if I get any response at all.  If you're interested in a Mommy and Me Mini session for May, OR, if you're interested in a one-day, hands on workshop teaching parents how to take better pictures of their own kids, send me an email or post a comment below.  These are just a couple of things I've been considering offering, but I'd like to see the interest level before I commit too much time to the projects.

OK - here it is, the new product and pricing guide for Lori Ivey Photography:


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