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Rash Family | Longview, Tyler, East Texas Family Photography

One of the many reasons I love photography so much is that it gives us something tangible to hold on to.  Something that says "See - look!  We are here!  We really did exist.  We laughed and played and loved each other."

When I see the tragedy of great loss, when I see a home destroyed by fire, the first thing I can't help think about are the lost pictures.  Just because the evidence may be gone, doesn't mean it didn't happen.  It doesn't mean that the love isn't real.  It means that we have a new opportunity to be thankful for our lives and endeavor to cherish it that much more. 

So, I don't really make casseroles, it's not my thing  (in East Texas we ply every crisis and triumph with food).  But I can help a family document their love. I can help them replace that which was lost. I can help them capture new memories.  


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