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Bre & Morgan | Tyler, Longview Senior Photography

I had such a blast with these girls.  A couple of weeks ago I hosted several photographers at the studio and lined up some models for us to shoot and just have fun with!  Many of us had only met online so it was so nice getting to meet face-to-face.  We followed 3 hours of shooting with dinner at one of my favorite places - Los Pinos

These are 2 of our models from the day: Bre and Morgan!  Thank you girls for coming out and pretending like it wasn't FREEZING COLD outside!  Little Addison and my oldest step-daughter Kat also helped us and I hope to feature them soon as well!

Here is a behind the scene shot from Caitlyn - thank you Caitlyn!   I have no idea what I'm saying there, but clearly it's extremely important!  Ha!

The most frequent question I get from photographers is about my lens of choice and it's by far the Canon135L 2.0.  This lens is so BUTTERY - it only comes off my camera for group and indoor work.  It's a long lens that can take some time getting used to, but it's my favorite!


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